S1 will present 3 artists


at Rotterdam Contemporary Art Fair

from 8 till 12 February 2017



The work of Brigitte de Langen is quiet, tactile and aesthetic and at the same time confrontational and intriguing. She zooms in on her subject, shows details, (collective) memories and traces. With her work De Langen tries to make the unseen and the forgotten seen, she creates attention for the still and serene world that seems far from us. She takes a stand against the fleeting and individualistic time we live in now, in which often many things happen at the same time and lack genuine awareness for our surroundings and vicinity. The medium is often photography, but does not have to be, sometimes it is paper, thread, video, whatever serves the theme best. The viewer is questioned by the work about one’s own memories, perceptiveness and awareness, and at the same time invited to reflect.

The artwork of Jean-Philippe Paumier (1980) is both simple and complex. One distinctive aspect of his art is the choice for simplicity and economy in means, which applies to his choice of medium, the size of his works, and the concept of his pictures. In the process of creating, Paumier concentrates on objects, shapes and textures.IInfluenced by both surrealism and minimalism, his work is often disturbing or unexpected because of its strangeness or indecision: it has to seduce and at the same time confront the viewer.He frequently quotes or refers to contemporary mainstream culture: most elements and themes are therefore easily recognizable. He likes to mix several elements in order to give rise to new mental associations.

Jean-Philippe Paumier was born in 1980 in Tours (France). He lives and works in Amsterdam. He graduated at the Art School of Rouen (Master of Arts).

Timothy's work is a quest, a yearning for a past beyond his own. His paintings are cut-out portraits, extractions from larger images collected from the forties, fifties and sixties. By zooming in, the information the greater picture provides is withheld and lost. The subjects are taken out of their familiar context and are placed in a new environment, inviting us to fill in the narrative. His work is a collection of paintings that create a nostalgic, utopian environment. He presents us with a non-factual history, a fictional nostalgia.